IT’S OVER! Neil Cavuto Just Went on Live TV & ENDED The Mainstream Media

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After the mainstream media whined and cried all weekend about Trump’s CNN pro wrestling Tweet, Neil Cavuto has a message for them. 

The media encouraged violence against the President for MONTHS, but now they think Trump went too far tweeting a funny pro wrestling video where he takes down CNN.

Well, Neil Cavuto opened his show with a BRUTAL beatdown of the media, exposing their hypocrisy. (Video Below)

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From Fox Insider:

He listed many examples, including the Kathy Griffin bloody head photo, Johnny Depp’s assassination comment and college campus riots over conservative speakers.

“Not one of them is remotely OK. There is a big difference between speaking your mind and quite another proving you don’t have one,” said Cavuto.

At the same time, he said top Democrats are calling for resistance and impeachment, while opposing anything Trump proposes.

Amid the overheated rhetoric, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot last month by a man upset at Republicans’ policies.

“So forget who’s tweeting silly stuff. Focus on who’s doing far more serious stuff,” said Cavuto, adding that he’s still “not a fan” of Trump tweeting things that are not central to his agenda.

Watch the full monologue above.

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