DNC Records Hacked and Classified Democrat Secrets Leaked…AGAIN!

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WikiLeaks comes through with their promised electoral bombshell.

Well, ok, it came from Guccifer.  Remember Guccifer?  The Romanian hacker that already leaked DNC records once?  That hacker who was actually a unemployed cab driver whose genius somehow enabled him to get through the Democrats airtight computer security measures?  <cough>

Ok, seriously now.  Straight face…

So a gentleman showed up at a European conference on Cyber Security, claiming he ‘represented’ Guccifer.  And he handed over a half gigabyte of classified information, obtained from the DNC, including a huge list of donors, including personal information of Democrat donors, an analysis of those donors, strategies for using said donors and, oh just for fun,  a layout of the DNCs internal technology and computer systems.

Oh my…can you say…EMBARRASSING?”

But if just the act of losing that information wasn’t embarrassing enough, you should see what turned up in that list of donors.  In fact, you can see it right HERE.

I put it on a separate page because it will probably overshadow the actual hack, itself.

I mean, I guess they will just “blame the IT guys”.  But who hired those IT guys and who is in charge of them?  And if you can’t secure your own servers and all of the private information of people THAT ARE GIVING YOU MILLIONS OF US DOLLARS…then tell me again, how exactly you are going to protect this country against other countries motivated to see America fall?

Don’t get me wrong.  Cyber security is serious business and there are hacker groups out there that can get into a LOT of scary things…but I would hope that we could build something that would at least keep out bored ex-cab drivers.  And let’s be fair, certain Democrats are adept at certain aspects of Cyber Security.  I mean, seriously, if you ever need incriminating evidence deleted or a Blackberry smashed with a hammer, we do know who to call…

But look…I realize…it’s a world of 2nd Amendment guns that scare the liberals…and terrorists that somehow don’t…

And it’s all about nuclear Iran.  And military actions in foreign countries.  And refugees.

Or is it?  We live in a modern world where computers control everything, from our banking system to our power grid.  And when the bad guys can’t get within striking distance with conventional weapons, they will use whatever they can to destabilize our country.

But THANK GOD we have people to protect us.  And I am sure the Democrats will figure out how to protect our country from cyber threats.

Well…as long as we don’t run into any more unemployed Romanian cab drivers…


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