2nd Amendment Hypocrisy From Democrat Leaders

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Well, specifically Hillary Clinton in this case.  Yes, it applies to many Democrat leaders, past and present but there is a particular irony this time around.

Let’s identify the hypocrisy first.  The essential hypocrisy is that Democrat leaders want to remove the ability of the general populace to defend themselves from armed attackers.  By taking away, limiting or otherwise infringing are their right to bear arms.  But…at the same time, they walk around with details and bodyguards armed with guns to protect them.

And to be fair, it’s not QUITE the same thing.  I mean, those bodyguards aren’t the ‘general populace’, that’s true.  However, the reason it stings is that the vast majority of Americans can’t afford to walk around with security details so, for the average American, this is clearly something she wants to have other people do for her…and yet she doesn’t want other people to do for themselves.

I would be tempted to say that this is kind of the core difference between Democrats and Republicans.  That it’s a philosophical difference between having the collective take care of you (per Hillary’s ‘it takes a village to raise children’ concept…and being independent enough to care of yourself and your family without the need for government interference.

HOWEVER…ascribing to philosophical differences would not be doing justice to this injustice.

You see, the really key part here is that Hillary and her cohorts have the means to defend themselves by hiring others.  But the people who want to defend themselves, the vast majority of which have no choice but to defend themselves…those are the people she wants to take arms away from.

So we still haven’t really broken past the part where she is just your typical Democrat with typical Democrat goals and agendas.  But where it gets ironic is that all the Clinton supporters got outraged when Trump suggested that 2nd Amendment advocates can stop her.  The mainstream media naturally spun this into a death threat.  But he was hinting at the same hypocrisy mentioned earlier, that she wants to take the guns from people she doesn’t know and give them to people on her payroll.

And what does this tell you?  It tells ME…that she is scared.  Scared not just of guns…but scared  of no being in control.  Being in control of the guns.  Being in control of the citizens.  Being in control of everything she can.  And, while this is, to a degree, a Democrat trait, it is stronger in some Democrats than others.  And in Hillary…well, she is the most scared I have seen in a long long time.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the recent health issues included a nervous breakdown, somewhere in the mix.

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